Brand Strategy

A Brand is more than a logo

Get your customers to know, like, and trust you to enhance your creditability and authority.

Case Study: How Diversity Lawn Care updated their look

Your Brand's Success Starts with Strategy

Would you build your home on rock or sand? Foundation matters. Just like a good house build your brand's foundation determines how long it stands. We work with brands to figure out your goals, clarify your purpose, determine your messaging and align values with your customers.

Define Who is Your Target Audience

"Everything isn't for everybody." I'm sure you've heard that before. You need to determine which group of people that want/need the value of your service offering.

How do i Find Your Target Audience

Data of Existing Customers

Create Buyer Personas

Use Facebook Insights

Reveal Your Brand Attributes

Attributes are characteristics that reveal your brands' qualities, personality, and physical traits. They allow you to identify alike values with your target audience, in order for them to know, like and trust you.

Why do you need to know your attributes

Finds Strong Brand traits

Define Brand's Personality

Appeal to Target Audiences

Establish Your Positioning

In the mind of your customers is where your brand should be. Great positioning creates customer loyalty, and sets you apart from the rest of the contractors in your industry.

Why is Brand Positioning Important?

Competitive Edge

Relateable Identity

Emotional Connection

brand positioning

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Stand Out From Your
Competition With Design

You don't determine your brand value. A brands value is determined by your positioning and what your customers think about it. A great design aesthetic helps your brand project a professional image, which helps raise your value.

Logo and Visual
Identity Design

This is your way to communicate with your target audience thru how your brand looks, feels, and speaks. Your identity encourages people to engage with you.

Benefits of a great Visual identity

Stand out in your niche

Creates Trust and Loyalty

Maximize Brand Equity

logo design

Messaging That Resonates

As humans we trust people or things we can relate to. Your brands message should speak in a tone of voice that inspires your target audience to relate and like you.

What does messaging do for your brand?

Communicate Effectively

Brand Consistency

Inspires Customer Sales

brand messaging

Marketing Collateral

Gone are the days of collateral just being printed materials like business cards or flyers. Anything from a email, brochure, infograchic, facbook post etc; is considered collateral. Your customers are on a journey and want to be told your businesses story. They also want to be shown the value of what your service brings to them.

what are marketing collaterals used for?

Communicates your companies Value

Influences your positioning

Builds Brand Awareness

branding and marketing collateral

What's Your Investment?

Transparent pricing built for contractors just like you.

$400 Duration: 1 week

1 custom logo Design
2 Design Revisions
1 Week Turnaround
Designed to Your Brief
Questionnaire Provided
Choose plan ($400)
Logo Package
Duration: Up to 4-6 weeks
Duration: 1 week
1 Custom Logo Design
2 Design Revisions
Questionnaire Provided
Designed From  Questionnaire
Final Web & Print Files
1 week turnaround
Choose This Package

Duration: Up to 8-12 weeks

Custom Brand Strategy
Primary Logo Mark
Secondary Logo Mark
3 Design Revisions
Brand Standards Guide
2 Collateral Items of Your Choice
Final Web + Print Files
Payment Plans Available
Choose pacage ($4,500)
Branding & Web Package
Duration: Up to 4-6 weeks
Duration: Up to 4-6 weeks
Custom Brand Strategy
Primary Logo Mark
Secondary Logo Mark
Three Design Revisions
2 Collateral Items
Final Web & Print Files
30 min. Stategy Call
1 page
Website Tutorial
Basic SEO
Payment Plans Available
Choose This Package

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