We are a customer first, laid back, white pants after Labor Day, professional, Jordans wearing, off the wall consultancy.

What we stand on.


The whole story starts with you

Over the top customer service is key. We pride ourselves on that aspect. This seems like a skill that has been lost over the years. We are bringing it back.


We are minority owned.

We think it’s pretty coo, but any and everyone is welcomed.


No need to put a second mortgage out.

Believe me, we understand (running a small business) can be hazardous to your pockets. We are a consultancy, not an agency. The industry is overly inflated. We are a small consultancy that is able to bypass most overheads agencies can not.  We’re able to work out payment schedule with our clients. This ensures you get your problem solved without leaving only lint in your pockets.


Keep it funky.

We are passionate about solutions for your brand. We actually want to help you grow. No up selling for anything you don’t need. No scare tactics. Honest. Transparent. Upfront. Straightforward. No Capping.


Staying Solid.

We are a consultancy that believes in morals, values and relationships. We put those before anything.  


Great, OG Design.

In order for you to succeed you must have your audience know, like and trust you. We do that through advocating creativity, communication and quality work.

We work hard, a play harder

Our mission

affordable business

It’s our business to provide affordable solutions to small business who are struggling to grow.

Be authentic
not perfect
How we solve problems
How we solve problems
Let's set a time to talk about your brand over candle light A wine
Schedule a date & time
Schedule a date & time
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