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For hair salon owners, hair companies and restaurants

Brand Strategy & Design

What is branding?

Branding is the gut feeling your customers get about your product or service. It's essentially your reputation. What's your branding reputation?


What is a conversion funnel?

A funnel is a way track data, build trust, nurture prospects relationships for future sales and get leads who are qualified to buy. Do you have a conversion funnel?

Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way to attract and retain your target audience through relevant and consistent content made for conversions. Do you have a content marketing strategy?

Know. Like. Trust.

In order to connect and sale to your target audience they have to know, like and trust you. You and your audience values must align.

Explanation of brand intent

A. The Unique Selling Point

What your competitors aren’t doing

B. The Market Gap

What your audience actually wants

C. Your Goal
(The Sweet Spot)

This is area where your brand should be positioned.

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